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Berni is a dynamic preacher of God’s word, with a passion for helping people to connect with God amidst the realities of life. He has a wonderful ability to communicate deep, life changing truths in a way that makes sense to the rest of us – talking about issues that really matter, things that each one of us experiences in our own lives. Listen to Berni on-air with A Different Perspective each weekday at 6am

Living in the Image of God – Part 2
30 October Godly Self Confidence Now if ever I heard an oxymoron in the kingdom of God it would have to be the term “Godly self confidence”. Hang on – if our confidence is supposed to be in Christ, how can there be such a thing?
31 October The Enemies of Love Love makes the world go round, right? So how come at any one time there are about 50 wars on the go around the world? How come there’s so much pain and suffering? Turns out that there are some things out there – some things in our lives, that are enemies of love.
1 November The Power of Love The universe is vast – beyond measure, beyond imagination. The forces and the powers at work across the galaxies, across the universe are totally incomprehensibly huge. And yet the most powerful thing that’s ever happened is not the big bang. The most powerful thing that’s ever happened, was a simple act of love.
2 November Filled with the Spirit One of the issues that divides the church all too often is the question of being filled with the Holy Spirit, or baptised in the Spirit as some like to say. Is it for real, is it something weird that someone dreamed up recently? What’s really going on.
3 November Praying in the Spirit Speaking in tongues – drop that into the conversation in some Christian circles and you’ll be in some hot water pretty quickly. And yet as weird as it may seem to some people, the Bible talks about it. Well, what does the Bible say, and what does it mean for us here and now?
On Solid Ground – Part 1
6 November Land Lovers the Lot of us When you’re caught in a small boat on a stormy ocean – what you discover is how much you love good old terra firma. The more firma, the les terra, right? So how do you get some solid ground beneath your feet?
7 November Dealt a Cruel Blow OK – so the going gets tough. The storm hits. Now What. Let’s meet a woman who’s been there, done that – and see what we can learn from her. This woman’s name? Hannah.
8 November Chalk and Cheese Different people handle the rough times differently. Some seem to find a peace in the middle of it all. For others, it’s a complete disaster. Let’s meet some people at different ends of that spectrum.
9 November A Humble Heart You know when the storms of life are raging around us, humility is the last thing that comes to mind. But humility it turns out is the key to dealing with the storm, in a most unexpected way.
10 November The Problem with Fear Storms are just going to hit our lives from time to time. And when they do, so often we’re afraid. And that fear it turns out, can completely immobilise us. So then what?
On Solid Ground – Part 2
13 November A Boy Called Sam It never ceases to amaze me at how good we are at deluding ourselves into thinking that our actions don’t have consequences. We’re really quite good at this you know. Truly.
14 November The Contrast Continues Sometimes we’re so busy looking after number one, that we forget something. We forget that in fact, God is number one and one day, sooner or later, that reality will be the only reality.
15 November Heading off Without God I’ve done some dumb things in my life. I’m pretty sure you have too – and later we wear the consequences. Question is – how can we avoid making those same mistakes again?
16 November God Delivers on His Promise If only we could have God on our terms. You know He blesses you when you need blessing and the rest of the time, He’s just kind of there when you need Him. Wouldn’t that be nice. But – well, it’s not like that.
17 November On Solid Ground What you and I want, is life on our terms. We do… and yet, we can’t for the most part have that. And it’s the same with God. Before we can take a hold of all His blessings, we have to let go of a whole bunch of other stuff…
Promisess I Can Depend On – Part 1
20 November I Have A Plan for You When things aren’t going particularly well in our lives – the things that happens, is that we lose sight of our hopes and dreams for the future. And that’s devastating. We need to know that there’s a plan.
21 November I Will Provide for You Sometimes – money can be a real problem in our lives. So many people spend so much time worrying about their financial future. We need to know that it’s going to be okay.
22 November I Will Comfort You There are times in life when we go through pain. When we mourn a loss. When we’re lonely and afraid. What we need is someone to comfort us – but it seems that nothing anybody does or says can make it better.
23 November I Will Protect You There are times in our lives when we need protection – from other people or from ourselves or from circumstances we can’t control. But where do you get that sort of protection?
24 November I Will Forgive You One day –y our time on this earth will be over. Then what? If God is God – how are you going to fare when you stand before Him? I mean how can you be certain that He will forgive you?
Promisess I Can Depend On – Part 2
27 November I Am Who I Am When we hit the odd bump in the road, it’s great to know that there’s someone that we can call on. Someone that we can depend on. And that’s why it’s so important to understand exactly who God is.
28 November I Am Slow to Anger All too often these days, people fly off the handle. We’re under pressure, all this stuff happening – so we just react. But there’s a promise of God that runs in completely the opposite direction to that.
29 November I Am Worthy of Your Trust Trustworthy people – people who stick by you through thick and thin can be few and far between. God on the other hand – He has an abundance – an abundance of steadfast love and faithfulness.
30 November I Am Willing and Able  It’s great that God is God. But is He wiling to step in and help. Is He able to step in and help. I mean – when it really counts. Well, let’s meet some people who can answer those questions firsthand.
1 December I Am With You The vow people make when they get married is to be with their soul mate until the end. And yet almost half of all marriages fail. Sometimes we expect God to desert us too – but it doesn’t work that way.

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