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Tune in every weekday at 8pm to hear our “Message of the Day” from a local Melbourne pastor. Here’s what’s coming up:



30th Is Christianity For Wimps? – Guy Mason 

31st A Counter-Cultural Life – Dale Stephenson



1st The Way It was Designed – Mark Conner

2nd A Life Of Forgiveness – David Devine

3rd Priceless People – Rob Buckingham 


6th Making Marriage Last – Allan Meyer

7th A Forgiving God – Rhys Bezzant

8th Freedom From Religious Rules – Mark Conner

9th Authentic Christianity – Heather Packett

10th God’s Marriage Plan – David Devine


13th Living An Authentic Life – Rohan Dredge

14th Is God A Killjoy? – Guy Mason

15th It’s AllAbout People – Ken Van Eeden

16th Understanding God – Mark Conner

17th Raising Great Kids – Karen McLeod


20th Breaking Free – Shane Willard

21st People Need People – Dale Stephenson

22nd Shared Moments – Andrew Hill

23rd Avoiding Comparison – Ben Fagerland

24th God Is There in Your Mess – Allan Demond


27th The Emptiness Of Pleasure – Guy Mason

28th The Power Of Prayer – David Doery

29th Beyond Disappointment – Allan Meyer

30th No Worries – Mark Conner


1st Dealing With Conflict – David Kobakian


4th Community Impact – Andrew Hill

5th The Power Of Your Story – Rob Buckingham

6th Caring On The Run – Allan Demond

7th Living With Stress – David Ratten

8th How To Build A Healthy Relationship – John Burns


11th Is Faith Nonsense? – Treena Denny

12th Finding Hope – Mark Conner

13th Life Is Not A Fairy Tale – Dave Price

14th Being An Ordinary Radical – Shane Claiborne

15th Life’s Biggest Questions – Stuart Robinson


18th Meeting Jesus – Paul Cowley

19th The Priority Of Family – Glenda Holbrook

20th Compelling Commitment – Chuck Swindoll

21st The Christmas Clearance – Dan Lian

22nd The Blessings Of Christmas – Mal McLeod


25th All About Christmas – Rob Buckingham

26th Lessons For The Lost (Two Lost Sons) – Dale Stephenson

27th Compassion, Justice And Worship – Darlene Zschech

28th Sorry And Forgiveness – Sylvia Neary

29th Blessing The Poor – David Devine



1st Pressing On – Rob Buckingham

2nd Choosing To Care – Mark Purser

3rd Keep Pursuing God – Allan Meyer

4th Coming Home – Peter Corney

5th The Poverty Of Wealth – Stuart Robinson


8th Freedom From Depression – Mark Conner

9th You Are Special – Danny Holmes

10th Changing Channels – Rob Buckingham

11th How Does God See Me? – David Ratten

12th Self Care – Mark Purser


15th World Lights – Tim Piesse

16th Counterfeit Spirituality – Eli Forsyth and Ken Rayment

17th What Would Jesus Say To Homer Simpson? – Mark Conner

18th Becoming The Wife God Created You To Be – Glenda Holbrook

19th Hope In A Hopeless World – Dave Andrews


22nd Taking God To The Football – Paul Cameron

23rd Jesus’ Revenge – Dale Stephenson

24th Freedom From Hurt, Anger And Bitterness – Graeme Cann

25th The Good News Of Jesus – Mark Conner

26th Getting The Right Attitude Toward Money – Allan Demond


29th Encountering Jesus – Trevor Filewood

30th Meeting Jesus In A Climate Of Fear – Duncan Brown

31st A Picture Of Heaven – Allan Meyer


1st Storm In A Teacup – Stuart Robinson

2nd Am I A Cosmic Orphan? – Allan Meyer


5th Too Busy To Live – Barry Cutchie

6th How To Make Your Relationship ‘Affair-Proof’ – Emmanuel Goo-Lo

7th A Different Way To Pray – Tim Piesse

8th Jesus Doesn’t Want Our Sunday Best – Richard Condie

9th What Should I Do When I’m Angry -Graeme Cann


12th Letting God And Letting God – Allan Demond

13th The Gift Of Grace – Rob Buckingham

14th Remembering To Forget – Glenda Holbrook

15th Life On The Big Screen – Allan Meyer

16th Amazing Song, Amazing Grace – Allan Meyer


19th Losing Religion, Finding Faith – John Dickson

20th Learning To Pray Like Jesus – Tim Piesse

21st How The Word Of God Can Change The World – Peter Corney

22nd Why I Am A Christian – Jay John

23rd Reaping What You Sow – Allan Demond


26th Growing Up Without A Mother – Helen Meyer

27th Not For Sale – David Batstone

28th Showing Justice To Your Neighbour – Grant Paulsen 

MARCH 2018

1st Lost In A Sea Of Forgiveness – Ruth Swift

2nd Be Happy – Dave Price


If you would like to talk further about any message you have heard on LightDigital, call the LightDigital Careline at any time.